Yard Cleanup

Yard Cleanup

End of season services are often overlooked but are just as important as spring startup services! Leaves & debris left on the lawn or in planting beds can smother grass and plants, promote disease, and attract pests. Yard cleanup services ensure that your lawn remains healthy throughout the dormant season and comes back strong in the spring.

Our standard yard cleanup includes:

  • Shrub Trimming
  • Perennial
  • Ornamental Grass Cutback (as species dictates),
  • Cleanup and Disposal of Leaf and Debris
  • Finishing mow, trim, and edge.

However, our service can be customized to your needs to ensure that your yard is looking its best!

Yard cleanups are billed per man hour, so you only pay for actual time spent onsite. You have the option to set a monetary/time limit to ensure the job stays within your budget.

Note: We do not require customers to be home for this service, however, if you choose to be, our team will walk through your property with you before and after the job to ensure all of your needs are met.

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