Winterization Warranty

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The Fine Print:

  • Warranty period lasts from completion of winterization to completion of activation. Any damage that takes place or is identified outside of that period is not covered.
  • Winterization must take place prior to the first hard freeze of the season.
  • A Cut Above must complete entire winterization including shutting off and draining the water at the sprinkler shutoff valve inside the house. If homeowner chooses to complete this portion of the winterization themselves, warranty will be void.
  • During the warranty period, any work performed on the sprinkler system or sprinkler shutoff valve by anyone other than A Cut Above Landscape will void warranty.
  • A Cut Above must perform system Activation for warranty to remain valid. If it is determined that sprinkler shutoff valve has been turned on prior to activation for any reason, warranty will be void.
  • Occasionally following winterization, customer may notice sprinkler heads “stuck” in the up position. This is normal and is usually caused by fine dirt/debris blocking the retraction. These heads simply require a gentle tap to get them to retract again. Heads stuck in this position will not be considered damaged and will not be replaced under warranty.
  • Warranty will not cover damage to the sprinkler system that is caused by sprinkler shutoff or stop/waste valve failing and allowing water back into the winterized system. It is the customer’s responsibility to periodically check the drain near the sprinkler shutoff valve to ensure that no water is entering the system.
  • A Cut Above Landscape will not be held responsible for damage to property due to water exiting drain near sprinkler shutoff inside of house. It is understood that the drain cap on this drain will be left partially open* through the winter to prevent water from re-filling system in the event of shutoff valve failure. It is the customer’s responsibility to periodically check this drain near the sprinkler shutoff valve to ensure that no water is entering the system or exiting drain.
  • Drain cap will not be left partially open if drain is located in a finished wall, difficult to access area, or other areas where it is determined immediate damage can take place from water exiting. In this instance, cap should be removed by customer periodically throughout winter to ensure no water is present.
  • If at anytime you are concerned or have a question regarding your system, please contact us immediately.

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