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A healthy root system is a must for an attractive and healthy lawn. Colorado’s clay soils, thatch buildup, and soil compaction can all play a major role in restricting oxygen, water and nutrients from reaching your lawn’s roots, which could ultimately lead to turf death.  Aerating twice per season (spring & fall) is vital in combating these issues and ensuring your lawn continues to thrive. Pair with fertilization & over-seeding for added benefits!


Like all living things, your lawn requires nutrients to grow and remain healthy. As your yard pulls nutrients out of the soil, it’s important to replenish them and ensure that it always has what it needs to thrive. Nutrient deficiencies can lead to yellowing and stunted growth. ACA recommends 4 fertilization applications (approximately 60 days apart) during the growing season. Our fertilizer is specifically blended for the season to ensure your lawn is getting exactly what it needs at exactly the right time. This will ensure a healthy growth for seasons to come. Our homogeneous pellets ensure uniform color and growth, are non-marking on concrete, and safe for kids & pets.

Power Raking

A small layer of thatch is actually beneficial to your yard’s health as it can keep soil temperatures low and retain moisture. However, when the thatch layer exceeds ½” it can prevent water, oxygen and nutrients from reaching the soil, resulting in poor turf health, yellowing, & stunted growth.

There are many misconceptions regarding thatch. Thatch is not the loose grass clippings you can sometimes see in your yard after mowing. In fact, grass clippings are not a major contributor of thatch buildup as they typically decompose and provide nutrients to your yard. Thatch is however made up of organic material that has not decomposed and has compacted on top of the soil. , Power raking mechanically removes excess thatch from the turf and gives your yard a fresh start to the season. Our power raking service includes hauling away and disposal of thatch and a finishing mow. We recommend bagging your clippings for the first 2 mows following power rake services as additional thatch can surface.


Overseeding is often overlooked as a lawn maintenance option but can be one of the most effective tools in improving the quality and health of your lawn. Thin lawns are easily overrun by weeds and can ultimately end up being completely choked out by these invaders. Overseeding can help your yard grow thicker, combat weed growth, and provide greater resistance to disease and drought. Our overseeding service includes a double pass aeration, after which we will broadcast spread seed designed specifically for Colorado lawns.

To ensure the best possible results:

  • Overseed in early fall immediately following aeration OR spring following power raking
  • Mow yard short (about 2-2.5”) prior to overseeding
  • Do not apply weed killer for 6-8 weeks following overseeding
  • Water in short durations 3x daily for 14 days following overseeding to keep soil/seeds moist. Normal watering can resume after 14 days.
  • Do not mow for 14-21 days following overseeding.

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