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Before signing up for your lawn mowing service, you can easily measure the size of your lawn area without even walking outside! Google Maps offers a great tool called ‘Measure Distance’.

Determine areas and distances with Google Maps at

1. Google Your Address

Search for your own address on Google Maps. The search result will show you a maps view of your property. Click Satellite view in the lower right hand corner to see a satellite image with a more detailed view of your lawn.

2. Choose a Starting Point

Right-click on the point you like to start from and choose “Measure distance”.


3. Define Your Area 

Follow along and trace your lawn area by clicking on each point with the left mouse click until you reach your starting point again.

For an especially precise result, you can add further marks afterwards and adjust the form. Just click on any point on the measuring line and move the mark afterwards.


4. Read Your Yard Size


You just need to read off your ‘Total area’ size now. Nice to know is also the length (distance) of your drawn-in line. You can use this number to reference when signing up for our mowing services.

Please keep in mind: If there are a lot of obstacles on your lawn you can draw around those areas.

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