Water is the most important factor in maintaining a healthy landscape. An automatic sprinkler system is an excellent way to ensure that your lawn & plants are getting the water they require. Proper maintenance & care are crucial to keep your system functioning and your landscape healthy. ACA offers the following irrigation services:

Sprinkler Activation

Our irrigation experts will activate your system, inspect all components for leaks/damage, run through each zone to ensure proper coverage and functionality, and make any recommendations for repairs/improvements. They will also set your timer to appropriately match the seasonal conditions at the start of the season.

Sprinkler Winterization

Sprinkler winterization is a must in Colorado! Water left in your irrigation system over the winter will freeze and expand causing costly damage to your irrigation system and potentially even water damage to your home and property. We use compressed air systems with industrial grade regulators to “blow out” the water from your system while not exceeding the pressure ratings of your system components. We recognize that you’re trusting us with the well-being of your system, and we stand behind our work. All of our winterization services are warrantied as long as we provide the activation service in the spring.

Sprinkler Installation Or Repair

Looking to install a new sprinkler system? Want to update your current system with the newest most efficient technology? Does your current system require repair? We can help you out with all your irrigation needs! ACA has been designing, installing, and servicing irrigation systems for over 20 years. 

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