Sprinkler Repairs

Broken SprinklerYour yard will never be famous just because your yard has its own Old Faithful geyser discharging water into the sky, every morning at 3:18 am when Zone 3 is set to water...

Our staff is knowledgeable about all manufactures of sprinkler systems and can make repairs on any system.

What sets us apart from a lot of our peers, we can audit your complete system for water waste. Believe it or not, spray nozzles installed a few years ago have a lot of waste. The newest technology, which is an easy retrofit to existing systems, uses technologies to apply water at a much slower even pace. The slow application allows the water to soak in. The even pace allows the zones to be set to a shorter time as there will be less dead spots requiring the entire zone to be watered.

We can offer free proposals for retrofit applications. One HOA saved $8,000 a year on their water bill with a simple upgrade performed by ACA Landscape. We can offer the ROI numbers you need to make a decision.