Spring Services 2018

Aeration- $35
Fertilization- $35

Power Raking- $75- spring 2018 SOLD OUT
(above services subject to additional charge for X-Large 5000+ sq.ft. yards)
Yard cleanup- $45 per man hour + disposal fee- please click the "email us" link below to schedule
Sprinkler Activation- $45

SCHEDULE ONLINE and receive a $2 discount per service
SCHEDULE ANY THREE services and get another $5 off
Restriction Applies--Services may be scheduled at different times if preferred by the customer, but the total must be paid at time of first service to qualify for the $5 discount. Please email us if you have any questions.

Aeration- We use industry standard Billy Goat aerators. Plug depth is 2.75" maximum per manufacturer specs. It is highly recommended that the client waters prior to the appointment for maximum penetration.  Water a normal cycle, don't over water.

Fertilizer information-
 "Best" brand granular "Turf Supreme" 16-6-8 fertilizer.  Approximately 6 lbs per 1000 sq. ft. will be applied. There is no weed killer, and is safe for humans and dogs.  It is recommended that the fertilizer be watered in within 2-3 days after application, but is safe to not water up to 2 weeks. For a spec sheet, click here

Power Raking/Dethatching- Service is completed using Billy Goat power rakes equipped with spring tines instead of flail reels. The result is thatch removed with a softer touch reducing impact on the turf and sprinkler heads. We will rake up the excess thatch and take with us. It is best to mow afterwards a bit short, 2"-2 1/2", which will pick up even more thatch.

Yard Cleanup- A standard yard cleanup includes leaf/debris cleanup, shrub/plant trimming and cutback, and a finishing mow, trim and edge.It is not required that you be home for this service although many of our customers prefer it so they can communicate any requests/concerns in person. Cleanups are billed PER MAN HOUR for actual time onsite. You may set a do not exceed limit on cleanup services.  

Pricing- includes all grassy areas on the property and is a flat rate up to 5000 sq. ft. Extra Large lawns over 5000 sq. ft. will be on a quote basis..   This offer is only good if you have received direct mail, a flyer, or flag delivered to your property.  Homes in other areas can be done as availability allows, and will be charged a higher amount.  PLEASE NOTE: We strictly only service directly marketed to neighborhoods in zip codes 80020, 80022, 80023, 80031, 80233, 80234, 80241, 80516, 80601, 80602, 80603, and 80640. Please email for details on out of area service.

Sprinkler heads- the customer is responsible for marking all sprinkler heads that they are concerned about us hitting while aerating.  They can be marked with flags, or many customers use plastic silverware.  Heads that are more than 6 inches away from fences or borders are the most important to mark.

It is highly recommended that you water your yard the night before or morning of your appointment for the deepest plug possible (aeration only)!  (A normal cycle-- please don't overwater!)

Sprinkler Activation- We will activate your sprinkler system, check all zones and heads, and program your timer, making suggestions for repairs when necessary. 

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