Scheduling Instructions

Please Read!
If you are scheduling aeration and sprinkler winterization, you will need to schedule two separate appointments.  Schedule aeration and/or fertilization first, then schedule another appointment for sprinkler winterization. If you are scheduling all services for the $5 discount, schedule aeration/fertilization first, then another appointment for sprinkler winterization The system will allow you to schedule both appointments in the same day, or allow you to water in the fertilizer and have us come back at a different date to winterize your sprinkler system.  This will also ensure that there is enough time scheduled to complete all services. 

When scheduling, please remember you are scheduling for an AM or a PM time block!  The block times are from 7-12 and 12-5.  If you need a more specific time, you will have an opportunity to request it later in the scheduling process. 

Schedule now!  (click here) you will be redirected to our online scheduling website