Power Raking

A Cut Above Landscape offers Power Raking services to residents of Thornton, Erie, Broomfield, Brighton, Commerce City, Westminster, Colorado.
A healthy lawn requires water, oxygen, and nutrients in its soil. Thatch (roots, crowns, and grass clippings) creates a mat of vegetation on the soil, which helps to keep soil temperatures low and to retain moisture. However, when thatch exceeds ½”, it can prevent water, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching the soil, resulting in the decrease in ability to thrive and fight disease and dehydration.
Power Raking mechanically removes excess thatch from the turf. It is recommended every few years in Colorado, when thatch accumulates to ½” or more. We only will power rake completely dormant yards in the spring, to prevent damage to turf and the best chances of recovery.
What sets A Cut Above’s power raking apart?  Our power rakes are equipped with spring tines instead of flail reels.  Flail reels are steel blades that spin and loosen the excess thatch, however they can be very hard on turf and cause damage if not set perfectly. Spring tines are built like a leaf rake, and use more of a combing effect to loosen the excess thatch.  They are much easier on turf, bumpy and uneven soil, and sprinkler heads.
After we’ve completed power raking, we hand rake the turf to remove most of the excess thatch, and haul it away.  A good power raking job leaves a bit of thatch behind, which helps keep soil temperatures low and retain moisture.  It is recommended to mow (and catch the clippings) after we power rake, a bit short, around 2”-2 ½”. This will help to remove a bit more thatch, and is the best height to start the season.
Once power raking is finished, aeration and fertilization is recommended, so that the fullest amount of additional water, oxygen, and nutrients can be achieved.