A Cut Above Landscape offers Aeration services to residents of Thornton, Erie, Broomfield, Brighton, Commerce City, Westminster, Colorado.

Why Aerate?Aeration

A healthy root system is a must for an attractive lawn. Oxygen in the soil is vital for healthy roots. Root growth is inhibited by clay and compacted soils because of a restricted oxygen supply. Aerating improves rooting and problem soils by allowing air into the soil. An aerator does this job mechanically without destroying the turf.

■ Healthy roots are necessary for healthy lawns.
■ Roots make up 90 percent of the grass plant.
■ Roots take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide.
■ Restricted air movement into the soil reduces health and vigour of the turf.
■ Aerating equipment mechanically improves the movement of atmospheric air into the soil and carbon dioxide out of the soil.
Lawn problems improved by aerating include thatch, poor drainage, heavy traffic, walking, playing and compaction caused by heavy equipment.
Some benefits of aeration are listed below:
■ Loosens compacted soil
■ Breaks-up and/or removes thatch
■ Improves water infiltration
■ Improves nutrient infiltration
■ Increases oxygen supply to roots
■ Releases carbon dioxide
■ Encourages new, deeper root growth